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Jan 13, 2013 4:00pm EST
in nevada? what did their father do there? why did they move to california? what were his parents like, her mother's parents like? >> okay. now we're getting into a tricky area. so her father was the son of irish immigrants, and he had traveled around as an itinerant -- he had done a lot of different things. he had been on a merchant ship. he would kind of talk to her about his adventures. he had been a miner. her mother was a first generation german immigrant, and her mother had been married before. her mother was, um, her mother came over as a child with an aunt, ended up staying and eventually married a man named bender. they moved up to -- what dakota did we decide it was? i think it was north dakota. moved up to north dakota, and he was killed in a flood up there. now, actually, i tried very hard to find information about the flood that killed him. i called the archives, i called the -- i spoke to the around conservativist and really could not find a tremendous amount of information about her mother's first husband. from that marriage she did have two children, all right? and she, then
Jan 1, 2013 1:00am EST
no objection, without objection, so ordered. the senator in -- from nevada. mr. reid: very quickly, we have worked really hard this week. we had to be here, we senators, are happy to be here, but there are four individuals who didn't have to work this week but they volunteered to do so. they are the four pages who kept this place operating with helping the floor staff and us. they could be home with their families and friends enjoying the holiday. instead, they are here with us. we have 18-year-old jared nakura of arlington. he gave up his winter break to be here. 23-year-old priscilla pelly of washington, d.c. she is a staff assistant in my office. 22-year-old erin shields of tacoma, maryland. and 16-year-old winden liu of hawaii, the only remaining current page who skipped her vacation to help here. i want the record to reflect our deep appreciation to them and wish them the very best in their future endeavors. mr. president, working throughout the night and throughout the day, we have reached an agreement with senator mcconnell to avert tax increases on middle-class americans. i have sai
Jan 12, 2013 11:00pm EST
. [laughter] >> host: restart the book with a scene from 1968. after flying to reno nevada to decade quick divorce. it was not easy. she came back and drove her car directly into the middle of a riot in washington d.c. right after margin mr. king was assassinated and the city exploded. 1968 was a time of major turmoil and a huge time of change j niort life. you got a divorce after a long marriage and a time when the women's movement was beginning to get under way in the united states. but not bothered by the women's movement? it was something else. >> guest: no. in to be very inspired of the pioneer women who settled this country and to know my ancestors it was very insulated. coming to the country reading about the of pioneers we found that very inspiring and there was a wonderful greek admiral. but i love the stories of the pioneers in statement much more in my life they did not think much of that. >> host: your marriage to richard helms 1968 was one of the most productive times in your life. you have the opportunity to have a life of your own. the children were grown in doing well in sc
Jan 13, 2013 11:15am EST
of california, and majority leader senator reid from nevada. both won reelection in 2010. over a year later, in marc march 2011, brightsource still have no loan. brightsource ceo said in an e-mail to jonathan silver, who was an executive director of the energy department's loan guarantee program. he was responsible for making sure that these are loans went through. woolard wanted silver to draft, to review a draft e-mail that john bryson, is chairman of the board of brightsource energy, was planning to send to william daley, who was then chief of staff to president obama at the white house. quote, and this is from e-mail, either e-mail or call when you can with suggestions, woolard wrote. the e-mail stated quote, the white house needs to focus on finalizing the loan guarantee for will be the largest solar thermal project in the world. brightsource energies project was conditionally approved more than a year ago and is in the final stages of being completed. we need a commitment from the white house regarding that loan closure. at a house energy and commerce subcommittee meeting last may, ch
Jan 13, 2013 7:00pm EST
doing the column, nevada ski and i had lunch and i said, what were you thinking of paying for each column? and he said some pain in the high two figures. [laughter] die two figures? said we've been paying about $65. that sounds at the middle two figures to me. i turned over to my high-powered literary agent and i said play hard. he got them up to 100. i said how much we think and it he set a date for you to do one of these homes every week for the nation. and for those of you unfamiliar with the nation, i was on a book tour once that the collection of nation columns and reporter in boston said how would you describe the nation for our readers unfamiliar with it? and i said can go. [laughter] 's he said sure you have more to say about it than not. i said yes, it's a pinko magazine printed on very cheap paper. [laughter] if you make a xerox copy of your article, the xerox copy is a lot better than the article. [laughter] a few weeks after i started doing the column, the basket came to me and said what about these quotes? by several quotes are these? he said to john foster dulles real
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)